IREB® and REQB® have decided to join forces

A common purpose

IREB® and REQB® pursue the same general goal: to improve and foster professionalism in Requirements Engineering (RE) by providing a RE certification scheme with education syllabi and certification examinations.

Similar approaches

The certification schemes, which IREB® and REQB® have developed independently of each other, have similar names – CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) by IREB® and REQB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering. This caused confusion and has at times been misleading. Also, their respective foundation level syllabi coincide in their content to a significant extent. This has finally resulted in the decision to concentrate forces within a single organization.

Joining forces

Given the common goal and the similarities in the two approaches, IREB® and REQB® have decided to join forces as of January 18th, 2017. As a consequence, there will be a single RE certification scheme in the future, presented under the IREB® brand.

Benefit for candidates seeking RE certification

For candidates striving for more professionalism in RE, one single education scheme to become a Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering is a big benefit, as the weight and reputation of the certificate will become even greater than it already is today.

Effect on REQB® certificates

All REQB® certificates keep their validity.

  • Holders of the REQB® Foundation Level certificate may convert it free of charge into an IREB® CPRE Foundation Level certificate. Such conversion is required in order to follow the IREB® CPRE Advanced Level career path.
  • Holders of the REQB® Agile Practitioner certificate may convert it free of charge into an IREB® CPRE RE@Agile Primer certificate.
  • REQB® Advanced Level certificates will be accepted as one of the required prerequisites for the IREB® CPRE Expert Level.

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